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Welcome to my Projects page, a curated overview of my diverse design and illustration ventures. Each project is a testament to my adaptability, showcasing the ability to seamlessly integrate into different industries and styles while maintaining a distinctive touch. As you explore, you'll witness a spectrum of collaborations, from art galleries and corporate entities to non-profits and individual brands. These endeavors not only reflect my creativity but also my commitment to crafting compelling visuals that resonate with each client's unique identity. Join me on this visual journey, where every project is a story waiting to be explored.


243 Luz

Revitalizing the digital space for 243 Luz, a UK art gallery, was a harmonious blend of minimalism and aesthetic finesse. The result? A website that complements the exhibits without overshadowing the art. Ongoing collaboration ensures the platform evolves with each new masterpiece. Explore the website to witness the synergy between design and art.



Giving birth to Adipoli's brand identity was a journey from inception to manifestation. From logo and visual assets to a cohesive style guide, I sculpted a narrative reflecting their core values of putting people first and championing sustainability. Navigate their website to witness the visual embodiment of a data-driven, business-focused, and experience-led People strategy.


Angelica Bano

Infusing vibrancy into professionalism, I collaborated with event planner Angelica Bano. Crafting a secondary logo, pitch deck, business cards, and moodboard template, the challenge was to maintain her signature vibrancy while ensuring a polished look. Explore the dynamic visual language that bridges lively patterns with a clean, professional aesthetic.



Simplifying complex customs topics into engaging visuals, I collaborated with C4T, a SaaS company. From animated explainer videos to whitepapers, e-books, and social media visuals, each piece contributes to demystifying intricate concepts. Dive into the world of digestible customs information through captivating design.

Explore the a brief collection of animated explainer videos created for C4T on YouTube.



Breathing life into online presence, I partnered with CRSNP, a non-profit association of Customs software providers. From logo-inspired branding to a purposeful one-page website, witness the transformation of an offline entity into a cohesive online presence that aligns with their mission.


V.D. Bergh

Empowering a speaker coach's book launch, I translated Elizabeth V.D. Bergh's branding into a captivating social media animation. Explore how her existing identity seamlessly transitions into a video narrative that attracts potential readers and amplifies the essence of her recently published book.



Navigating the realm of B2B e-learning, I collaborated with Lepaya, a company dedicated to imparting soft skills through online training. Crafting engaging animations and explainer videos, each piece unravels the intricacies of soft skills and delves into relatable psychology topics. Explore the visual journey that brings the nuances of learning to life, seamlessly integrating education and creativity for a captivating e-learning experience.



Crafting from scratch for Portorium, a customs management company, was a journey of innovation. From logo inception to style guides and a dynamic website, witness the birth of a brand that encapsulates Portorium's essence. Explore the intersection of design and functionality in this comprehensive branding project.



Melding Sundt's branding with innovative design, I collaborated with Paradyne for a consultancy project. Navigating complex data, I transformed numbers into visually appealing tables within a compelling slide deck. Immerse yourself in the synergy of collaboration and visual storytelling.

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